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A perpetrator is someone who discloses a private sexual image without the subject's consent. the perpetrator turns it from being private image into a public one, with the intent to cause distress.

fetish (Ryan's surname is Gray, which was close enough for her).

A Mc Afee study (in the US) found that 36% of people have sent or intend to send intimate content to their partners, and that one in ten ex-partners threatened to expose risque photos online - a threat carried out 60% of the time.

This is fast becoming an entrenched part of our culture of sex and relationships, a practice engaged in by huge numbers of people.

"I thought it would put people off but it didn't."Time on Tinder: 2 years Matches a day: 1Number of first dates: 8 27, Business consultant A girl once fell asleep in his car on the way to their date, then stole his i Phone when he said he just wanted to go home.

James says he looks for "friendly" women who are "adventurous", and "if they're smiling in their picture, that automatically appeals." Time on Tinder: 18 months Matches a day: 15Number of first dates: 10 24, Internal recruiter The best opening line she ever got was, "Do you like dragons?

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