Dating a former coworker

Michael proposed five years later when he joined Sandra at the end of a work-related trip to France. But workplace romances don't always have happy endings.

Messy entanglements can trigger charges ranging from favoritism to harassment.

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The man I’ve been seeing isn’t my boss and I’m not his, but we do work pretty closely together on a lot of projects (which is how our relationship bloomed).It’s not surprising that many people develop feelings for their colleagues, with whom they share a common mission, and who they may work beside for hours and hours, day after day.“You spend time together,'' says Jean Baur, a career coach and author of books on how to rebound from a job loss and how to excel in an interview. and in most cases, you get to really know people slowly, which is an awesome foundation for a relationship.’’Sandra Gasparovic, 48, who met her husband Michael, 52, when both worked for Michelin North America's information technology department, says that being in the same workplace environment and having the same work-based friends aided their romance."Having that commonality, sharing the same things, has certainly helped,'' says Gasparovic, who is currently a career manager for Michelin while her husband is a purchasing agent for the company."You get to partner up with different people, work creatively with them. Still, when a co-worker initially wanted to set the pair up back in 1999, both resisted for over a year.But they also need to keep in mind that it simply takes a cozy picture of the couple popping up on Facebook or Instagram to spark office gossip.For workers who suspect that their colleagues are dating, merely having a hunch about that romance isn't reason enough to immediately report it to a manager, says Career Builder's Haefner.

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