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“Nothing short of a miracle,” he ends, “can help this kid.” Her whole body bowed with sorrow, the nun says resolutely in Italian-accented English, “Then we will pray.” “God! ” the doctor urges, his face as stricken as her own. Horan arrives, Casson meets him in the hall and tries to break it gently, saying only that “a slightly stronger solution of silver nitrate” has been used for the Smith infant’s eyes. Horan exclaims at once, “Anything stronger than 1-percent solu­tion and that’s a blind baby.” A minute later as he bends over the crib, the eyes which are now beginning to exude pus like the nose are so swol­len he cannot open them.

Sean and Christian operate on identical twin sisters, who request surgery to look different from one another.

He will also be terribly disfigured, since, when a burn goes through all the layers of skin, the body cannot repair itself with new skin, but only with scar tissue.

That afternoon and evening as the spiritual daughters of Frances Cabrini, foundress of the hospital and their religious order, go off duty, they gather one by one in the chapel.

And it has already been at work on the soft human tissue of infant Peter’s eyes for two hours. Looking at the badly burnt face and the bottle label, the suddenly ashen-faced doctor can only shake his head helplessly. In fact the second doctor to see the infant will later recall that the sight of the tiny charred face and the 50-percent label knocks him speechless and breathless — at a loss for what to do.

A few minutes later he is reporting to an anguished Mother Teresa Bacigalupo, Supe­rior of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart who own and run Co­lumbus Hospital, that the nurse has accidentally destroyed a newborn’s sight. It is obvious to his experienced eye that the deadly solution has penetrated every layer of facial skin. Horan, who delivered Margaret Smith of a “perfect son” less than three hours ago, should re­turn immediately to the hospital.

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