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Defending Egypt from Chaos: Rameses III and his Battles - Nicholas Wernick looks at the military campaigns of Rameses III, as detailed in his temple at Medinet Habu, to determine if he was truly one of the great warrior pharaohs.

Images of the Rekhyt from ancient Egypt - Kenneth Griffin looks at the many images of the lapwing which features in ancient Egyptian art for a period of over three thousand years.Mummy: The Inside Story - A major new exhibition at the British Museum uses the latest technology to see what lies beneath the wrappings of a mummy.AE Editor Bob Partridge looks at the research behind the exhibition.The Domain of the Cat-Goddess, Bastet - Daniela Rosenow looks at the substantial remains in and around the Great Temple of Bubastis, sacred to Bastet, in the Delta city that still bears her name, Tell Basta.News from Egypt - The latest news from Luxor, Aswan, the Fayum, the Delta and Cairo brought to you by Ayman Wahby Taher, our Egypt Correspondent; and news of the work of Chicago House in Luxor from its Director, W. Egypt, Eton and Birmingham - AE reports on a new exhibition of objects from the collection of Eton College, currently on display at the Barber Institute in Birmingham, and on how the Eton Collection is being temporarily divided in order for it to be fully studied and published. - Jaromir Malek comments on a major touring exhibition, currently showing in mainland Europe and opening soon in Manchester in the UK, which features full-scale replicas of many of the objects from the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

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