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But Auberon Waugh maintained that Bindon "never managed to balance more than one small sherry schooner in this way".Brown muses that such disparities "might lead some to question the very nature of biography".James Lees-Milne wrote to John Betjeman that he found her "very, very, very frightening but beautiful and succulent like Belgian buns".When she presented Betjeman with the Duff Cooper Prize in 1958 he was reduced to silent tears, moving his friend Maurice Bowra to write a parody of Betjeman's In Westminster Abbey: "Green with lust and sick with shyness, Let me lick your lacquered toes.When she sang Let's Do It at a party given by Lady Rothermere in 1977, she was booed by Francis Bacon ("Someone had to").

Brown inevitably devotes much of his narrative to the Princess's unhappy love life."She never knew," said an unnamed friend, "whether she was meant to be posh or to be matey, and so she swung between the two, and it was a disaster".She was a notoriously demanding guest, often keeping the company up until 4am, as it is not done to leave a room until a royal personage has done so.He rehearses her engagement to the divorced Group Captain Peter Townsend and her marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones, later Lord Snowdon, whom Brown calls "a sort of upper-class Mod" and Kingsley Amis called "a dog-faced tight-jeaned fotog of fruitarian tastes".By 1950, Margaret had been adopted as a "national sex symbol".

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Sometimes he seems exasperated by his subject, who turned into "a nightclub burlesque of her sister".

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