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But the repairs will cost 0, so Rebecca sells the car to the garage for 0, and plans to take the bus all the way to San Francisco, after turning down Alberto's offer to take her along with him.The episode includes a review and a brief discussion. Photos and Farewells Photos and Farewells: On their way to the bus station, Alberto and Rebecca stop in a beautiful canyon, where Alberto takes some photographs of her.Alberto shows up, and says her wants to tour her around San Francisco — and that he has surprise for her.The episode includes a review and a brief discussion. A Night Out A Night Out: Rebecca and Alberto see the city and Rebecca meets Alberto's family — the Mendozas — who are now close to retiring from their family restaurant, the Casa Mendoza.They say goodbye at the bus, and both realize that they're interested in each other, but Rebecca doesn't want a boyfriend at this point in her life.The episode includes a review and a brief discussion. A New Home Rebecca arrives in San Francisco, and is surprised to discover that her godmother Nancy keeps other boarders too, and that she will have to pay rent as well. Job Hunting Job Hunting: Rebecca has a difficult time getting used to life with other boarders at Nancy's house.

Rebecca and Kevin go shopping for a used car that she can drive across the country to San Francisco, but have no luck.

Each episode features dialogue that is slightly slowed down and subtly simplified.

Key lines are repeated, idioms paraphrased, and important events retold.

The episode includes a review and a brief discussion. The Motel The Motel: Rebecca and Alberto reach a phone, but can only leave a message on a garage's answering machine because it's already so late.

They drive to a motel, where Rebecca gets the only room left. The episode includes a review and a brief discussion. Negotiations Negotiations: While Rebecca and Alberto have breakfast, the garage tows the car and starts to work on it.

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