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She then played the Meltdown Festival, which was curated by Jarvis Cocker.Sean O’Hagan and the High Llamas backed her at that show, where she was featured as one of the “Lost Ladies of Folk,” along with Susan Christie and Bonnie Dobson. Reviewer Shaz on Sunshine Pop said, “Such a showman! ” is what fans will be exclaiming when they hear Wendy’s latest creation, “New.” It’s here at last!He is also a patron god of well-known transgender communities called Thiru Nangai (also Aravani in Tamil, and Hijra throughout South Asia).The Mahabharata portrays Iravan as dying a heroic death in the 18-day Kurukshetra War (Mahabharata war), the epic's main subject.In another 18-day festival, the ceremonial head of Aravan is hoisted on a post to witness the ritual re-enactment of the Mahabharata war.The head of Aravan is a common motif in Draupadi temples.In turn, the root Iravat is derived from Irā (इरा)—closely linked with Iḍā (इडा)—meaning "possessing food", "endowed with provisions" or, by extension, "comfortable" (as used in the Mahabharata and the Rig and Atharva vedic scriptures).suggests that the Sanskrit name Iravan or Iravant is derived from Iḍā-vant, "one who possessed Iḍā".

These stories are told through the medium of traditional Javanese theatre (Wayang), especially in shadow-puppet plays known as Wayang Kulit.Returning with first pop album since Wendy & Bonnie's 1969 psych-folk cult classic, "Genesis," Wendy Flower delivers uniquely moving, dreamy originals, drawing from rock, classical, jazz, Americana elements. WENDY FLOWER - FOREVER - “NEW”Creating a follow-up to a masterpiece - it can be daunting. The album’s musicians included (journalist/screenwriter/songwriter); Gawain Mathews, lead guitar (Mickey Hart Band, Ben Lee, Tim Hockenberry); Ezra Lipp, drums and percussion (Kacey Johansing, Sean Hayes, Huckle, Thao Nguyen); Paul Olguin, electric and acoustic bass (Mary Wells, Victor Krummenacher, Bob Weir, Mazzy Star, Maria Muldaur), Savannah Jo Lack, electric and acoustic violin (Alanis Morissette, Rod Stewart, Ruth Gerson), Joe Cohen, saxophone, clarinet (Thomas Dolby, Jazz Mafia, Pamela Rose) and Paul Freeman (romper), acoustic guitar and writer of several of the songs.Iconic singer-songwriter Wendy Flower has made a triumphant return with “New,” her first new pop album since 1969’s Wendy & Bonnie folk-rock-psych-jazz cult classic, “Genesis.” Wendy herself created the intricate, multi-layered harmonies for this 2013 release. A gifted producer, Adam Rossi (Luce, Megan Slankard, Brad Wolfe) teamed with Wendy to bring the work to fruition. The late Trish Keenan (one of Wendy’s great inspirations) and James Cargill, both of Broadcast, joined on the gothic “In The Attic.” Flower’s diverse sonic canvas goes spanning her epic, mini-symphonies, “Cinders,” “Skyways,””Flaws” and “Child’s Play,” the poignant Americana of “Faded Rose,” the jazzy, breezy “WInd Chimes,” the sunshine pop of “The Corner,” the heavenly vocal blending on “One Last Dream,” the continental, flamenco sound of “Jamais Toujours,” the nostalgic “Ferris Wheel” and the haunting folk-rocker “Kindness of Strangers.” The album contains a bonus track, the classic rock-sounding “Long Night,” as well as a never-before-heard Wendy & Bonnie snippet. Melody and harmony have always played a major role in the life of Wendy Flower.She had the same distinct resonance she had when she was 16, and the notes she reached! and Iravant, is a minor character from the Hindu epic of Mahabharata.

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