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On Sept, 37 he wrote simply: Board Txu-ns s^of SSchool MOSCOW. It UV~Tha state board q( education turned Trldny to affairs df the Stole School for the Deaf nnd SUnd nnd n sug Ecs Uon by Gov. Gmylle Uial It seek an "evnluntlon" ot the Ooodlng In- "Miutlhn . chairman of the board, in which be urged tliat n "specinlly equipped agency" be employed to Invcs Ugate Ihe school. Icnchers resigned, saying thfv, v.'pulrt back thr pn; nlng to shift from manufactured lo natural gas said they will spend more than 7Q mltllon dollars during the next five years to expand thch" tacl UUcs and extend their pipelines to new customers, If the federal power commission approves Importa Uon of natural gas from Canada, Pacific Norlhwesl Pipeline corpora Uon pinna to spend another 7\ million to_.expnnd_and extend lis main line In Washington and Idaho. Demands for an Invcstlga Uon also have come from leaders ot the Qem State Blind nssocln Uon. Tlie teachers who rcil Kued had charged Uiat Drig Rs failed -to work closely with his faculty or to Im- prove teaching meltiods. Clara Roach, are attending Uie state board meeting In Moscow, school officials said. He S\a» said he Is not satisfied with present tsnn prices, which are five per cent lower than the? Considering big pork nuphues, Benion said, "prlcei hare held u well OS they 'can." Ha added that . H «1— The Wyoming hl Rhway department called today tor bids on aerial map- ping of the route of a proposed hlshway tunnel. Water bag hanging on front bumper of Nevada -licensed car. IMi Mercury narrowly missing woman pedestrian at Intersec Uon ot Second street west and Second ave- nue west.

An alarm was called to the KImberl; fh-o depar Unent about p.m. It «, 'i j CT ^rfa J Two Idaho Towns Grant Franchises For Natural Gas BOISE. H Ifl-Uountal Home and Emmelt have granted natural gaa distribution franchises to Idaho Natural Oaa company, ■farin ging -i'"' "" _ _ mpany franchises In southern Idaho to ID.

.-Fattr aaal-'""(t: list mlnlsten, tn open oppoal Uo H 11 to Faurc's progrsm of conci Ua Uon | of Moroccan na Uonallsts, wera '\ forced out by the premler. ■ TIMES-NEWS, TWIN FALLS, IDAHO FRIDAY, OCTOBEBu, (i Ike Observes • 65 th Birthday; ' Is Improving I! 438 Fourth street north, was fined g S and 13 cm U Friday in Twin Fal U juatlce court when he pleaded guilty of operatlnj a motor vehicle with improper registration plates. The plsne had been sent out in search of the trawler after the llt Ue f Uhlng veuel radioed it was sinking in a gale about IBO miles rwrthwosl of here. The Wlrard and two Canadian — messaged — Seen Today Shock of com in front of local business on Main avenue.

Slnce then Faure has locked a dependobla ;1 majority In the assembly. ' ■DENVER-Oct-H- Mi-Prealdcnt Elaenhower vss U today. For todny, however, tl^e only b\ 'Jie eeleb Ht Keep the Whlt« Flas ■ of Balety- Flying Now 11 days without a traffic death in our Magic Valleu.

Con.iliirr this one from n .iclence •Tor fainting: Rub Uie rlicst, or If n lady, rub her ivc the hand." M to say, kind readers and 1 read every one ol your nd again I miisl Pni ry t Jj Bl my time Is so l UIed ti K out the best column I lecturing. Mne.'j ns the Ijimber niiil fired company, lalnsl Oeorge Ncddo.

The glsnt Jeti will double the Pan Amerlcnn fleet and cut Uii tlyiwr lime from New York to L-on- don to six hourx nnd IS mlnute.'t. Save Ihem, Tliey are often Just the right aire I slote your crop tnl" Teachers have sent In gem.s.

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