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Reflections are visible on the water and objects cast shadows on underlying terrain.The display of atmospheric conditions wasn't paid any less attention to and, as a consequence, flying in overcast weather, rain, snow or under reduced visibility conditions leaves a good impression.

These files can be viewed by selecting the "Play track" option available in the main menu which will run the simulation again with every object going through what it went through while the file was being recorded.Radiator shutter deflection will, for it's part, influence engine cooling but also the minimal drag and can, for this reason, be considered another air speed controlling device.The damage model, when this simulator was published, was revolutionary for it's time which reflects in detecting collision of a round with a part of an object that is being shot at, unlike the method widely in use before, wherein collision detection of a round with a "hit box" which enveloped the object that was being shot at was performed.Mission editor incorporated into IL- 2 Sturmovik: 1946 provides for creating single missions for online and offline flying as well as for creating scripted campaigns.All significant WWII era theaters of operations have been made available to the user: former USSR, Europe, Pacific, Far East and Africa.

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Positive influence of displaying forests one can colide with on the decisions simmers make while flying, such as the decision not to fly through forests, needs no further consideration.

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