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In the last few years the old cemetery filled up, so the burials moved to Hart Island’s south side.

In 2010, there were 695 adults and 504 babies buried there.

Both trenches are already open, dug by a yellow Caterpillar backhoe. In Matthew 27:3-10, Judas cast the 30 silver pieces he received for betraying Jesus onto the temple floor, and then hung himself in shame.

The priests, concerned that adding blood money to the temple’s treasury would violate church law, “bought with them the potter’s field to bury strangers.

“Hanging, or even burning alive, was too expeditious an exit.” The 4,000 people who came to watch the execution on July 25, 1856 enjoyed a “jubilee” atmosphere, the Times reported, including vendors selling beer, cider, oysters, clams, cakes, pies and cigars. In the century and a half since, the island has faded almost entirely from public view.

But for those who do know it, Hart Island is a place synonymous with death, a place where New York can do the dark work of being a city.

Therefore that field has been called the ‘Field of Blood’ to this very day.” We are lucky the name “potter’s field” stuck, since printing the alternative on maps would be rather purple.

Technically part of the Bronx, it sits on the westernmost edge of Long Island Sound, crowding the entrance to the East River.

Four days a week, prisoners from Riker’s Island lay plain pine boxes into two mass graves.

In the adult grave, coffins are stacked three high.

Hart Island does not appear on the MTA’s subway map or the Department of Transportation’s bicycling maps.

The AAA map in my car shows the blue dotted line of a public ferry from City Island to Hart Island, but the ferry closed to the public in 1976.

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When the city bought Hart Island for $75,000 in 1868, the new potter’s field was set on 45 acres at the island’s northern tip.

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