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Emerging economies in Asia and Latin America are expected to grow at a faster rate than long-standing industrialized economies such as those in Canada, the U. The Asian presence in the global travel market, particularly China, is expected to increase, with China's planning to build 45 new airports by 2017 and to expand existing facilities.

The future of the airline industry will be influenced by factors such as competition; the role of low-cost carriers; and the ability of legacy, full-cost carriers to adjust to changing market conditions.

For Canada's transportation system to remain successful and efficient, each level of government and the private sector need to excel in their respective roles, respect the boundaries that frame these roles and coordinate their actions to advance their activities and work towards a common goal.

Successfully positioning Canada's transportation system to better respond to challenges and opportunities will require all stakeholders make strategic choices and take deliberate action that is predicated upon sound analysis, respect for each other's fields of responsibility, and effective collaboration.

Trade diversification is likely to also occur through closer ties with Central and South America.

Global integration compels governments to focus on the resilience of their infrastructure networks, and to adapt policies so they can rapidly respond to disruptions and provide support when they occur.

Canada's merchandise trade has diversified, and the country's international trade policy aims to continue this trend, with the government embarking on numerous trade diversification initiatives since 2007.

Budget 2012 indicated the desire for expanded trade with China, and trade negotiations with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, India and the European Union.

From maintaining the country's transportation infrastructure and gateways in a time of constrained spending to taking advantage of new technologies for greater safety and security, change will be the constant in Canada's transportation future.

In the coming years, Canada's transportation system will continue to face previously identified challenges, such as a trade-reliant economy, evolving demography and a relatively small, largely urbanized population spread over a vast area.

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