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Men and women in recovery from sex addiction or active in their addiction, spouses and...

See full synopsis » A middle-aged chef in a luxurious restaurant reveals to his shrink his double personality: He is an impeccable family man who loves his wife and son and at the same time a sexually hungry person who seeks pleasure at any time with any woman.

She’s around 40, wearing casual, loose-fitting clothes and a pleasant smile. It is, though—if her identity were somehow unmasked, it could torpedo her high-powered career: She’s worked for one of the most prominent political figures in the country and nearly ended up in Obama’s administration.

In short, she doesn’t fit the portrait of the promiscuous, inconstant woman cast as the adulteress in Hollywood dramas. Over cold Cusqueña beers on a hot July afternoon, Megan drops the professional mien.

What, exactly, is compelling these married women to set up "sexy dates" in droves, aside from easy Internet access?

I join her, expecting her to crane just her nostrils into me, but she embraces me in a hug, pulls me tightly into her expansive bosom, and burrows her face into the crook of my neck for a deep whiff."The women’s movement into the workplace was the first massive jump into unfaithfulness," says Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashley Madison.On the eve of Halloween, 1938, CBS radio reported UFO's in the skies over the United States.That same night, two notorious criminals escaped the maximum security prison at Macatawa... See full summary » Rachels growing inability to control her sexual behavior makes her wonder whether she is a sex addict.Bottom line, "Diary..." would have us believe that our sex addict character has the dumbest wife in the world, a stable of babes on the side who have nothing better to do than drop their panties for him at his whim, and no job in spite of being a restaurateur.At the best, this flick could have been good drama. "Diary..." isn't either and nowhere in between.

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