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Once you start paying attention to these things, both in your mind and by your actions, you will begin to attract people who like you for who you are - and who are less likely to disappear when you tell them that you have herpes. All that has happened is that you have lost the normality that you once knew.

Wishing you well, Alison When herpes is more of a long term problem than a temporary irritation, a lot of people say that they don't feel 'normal'. This happens to us every time we experience a change.

You might be feeling confused, uncertain and somehow contaminated - as though life has dealt you a very bad set of cards.

Unfortunately, negative feelings breed negative feelings. If you keep focussing on the downside, that is where you will stay.

I've just visited the HDate forum, a UK based community for people with herpes.

', it is forced on us from the outside and we have an experience that can either stop us in our tracks - or, if we go with it, be a catalyst for moving into a new phase of life.

Fortunately, small children adapt easily - but as adults it's slightly different, because sometimes we take our identities, our sense of who we are, from the things that define us - and this makes our normality.

Adaptability and curiousity aid the child as he makes the transitions that are required of him - how adaptable are you? What can motivate you to 'go with the change' and create a new normality that works for you?

On good days, you will be relentlessly positive and and pendulum will be stuck at one extreme - and then something happens, or you get tired, and the pendulum swings dramatically to the other side. Believe it or not, we are all entitled to feelings of joy, contentment, happiness, connection and pleasant anticipation.

They are our birthright, but they don't happen automatically.

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Those people who say 'think positive and all will be perfect in your life'.

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